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Discover, Schedule, and Connect with trusted professional service providers. Neeleez – We Care brings together the power of technology and collaboration to simplify service experience. Neelee – We Care empowers customers to easily find, schedule, and explore a diverse range of professional service providers.

Beauty & personal care services
Legal & Notary Services
Vehicle Towing & Maintenance
Gas Cylinder Delivery
Gyms & Fitness
Laundry Services
Driving Instructors

Why Neeleez


Revenue Growth

With Neeleez, you can tap into millions of users looking to utilize your services. Grow your enterprise despite lockdown restrictions and curfews.

Easy Scheduling

Set appointments with prospects on our app and reduce cancellations or spur of the moment follow ups.

Connect with the World Again

Reach out nore Customers by using Neeleez App and minimize publicity cost.

Share your success!

People always love to read raving reviews about you! Neeleez gives you the space to show your success stories to the world.

More discounts, more buyers!

Notify users about the discounts they can avail or the new offers you’ve set up for them.

Hassle free interface

Neeleez is simple, easy to navigate, and specifically integrated to suit your line of work. And it manages to feel elegant with all this.

Find em on the map!

No longer do you have to wander around looking for the right provider. Point the one you like, pin the location and off you go!

Easy Scheduling

No need to be in que or waiting during Covid-19 Book your appointment with your favorite Service Provider at your Feasible time.

Your money in your hands

No hidden charges to surprise you. Neeleez ensures transparency between customer and enterprise by listing the services and prices on our app.

Share your success!

Had a good experience that you would love to tell fellow Neeleez users? Tell us all with the help of photos and videos.

More discounts, more buyers!

Dedicated discount offers for Neeleez Customers to enrich their and motivation for continuous services.

All in one App!

We’re not just another app on the playstore. You can also buy products that our service providers offer on our ecommerce section.

Our App

Join Neeleez – We Care community now and experience the convenience and efficiency of healthcare professionals, legal experts, beauty and hair services, car towing, auto mechanics, gas cylinder delivery, or laundry services. Simplify Service journey and connect with trusted professionals.

Neeleez - We Care (Services)

Neeleez-We Care

The Rules have Changed!

Since the pandemic, business is no longer done the same way. One size doesn't fit all. We are adapting to the new ways of providing services and products everyday. Neeleez takes advantage of the changing market by bringing forth new ways to connect with each other.

Neeleez – We Care

Reimagining Boundaries, through Technology

Spanning across multiple cities, we are increasingly bringing new ways for you to connect and grow with Neeleez. Whether you are a dentist, or a gym owner looking to get more people to notice your work, Neeleez gives you the stage to set yourself apart from the rest of the crow

Neeleez – We Care

Sustainability Secured

With such unpredictability all around, it is a welcome change to have a sustainable business model for your profession. In addition to having a wide audience to cater to, you can provide a seamless experience to users through the app, with no work on your part.

Neeleez – We Care

Safety and Security

Neeleez understands the value of privacy and security of the individual. Which is why we've built our application on blockchain, the most secure technology that can be utilized in today’s age. With the help of AI, we have been able to tune out any lags or rough edges to give you a refined experience of our app.

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Regional Presence

Neeleez- We Care is available In UAE, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi arab and Malaysia and we are moving forward.